Monday, January 9, 2023

Healing and Receiving


About two months ago, I fell from a high stool, and landed on the back of my head, smashed into a cast-iron radiator.  A visit to the emergency room was a journey through grace -- so many people, including a sangha member who is an EMT, helped me through this wildly unexpected event.  

And then, the Friday before Christmas,  my husband David Dae An Rynick, Roshi,  was in a car accident in New Jersey during a powerful storm, as he was traveling from Pennsylvania where he had been visiting his mother.  He has a fractured sternum and some bruises, and our car was totaled.  We managed to get him home that night and I'm glad he’s alive!  

Following that, on Christmas day, my brother Stephen died unexpectedly.  David and I are both grieving and healing, emotionally and physically.  I have slowly returned to teaching,  supported by the Dharma Holders and Senior Assistant Teachers of Boundless Way Zen who have stepped in to offer talks and dokusan.  We are so grateful to everyone in the sangha who has reached out to us by phone, email, and text.  A number of people have offered the use of their car, offered to shop, sent flowers, bought groceries, and made and delivered meals.  We truly feel that we are surrounded by love and compassion.  

And this weekend I taught a sesshin on Zoom with David going in and out as he was able,  partnered with Dharma Holder Alan Richardson and assisted by Dharma Holder Michael Herzog.  

I am truly grateful for my good fortune that has given us the opportunity to heal and receive from friends, family and our amazing Zen community.

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