Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Another wonderful sesshin

 Last weekend we finished our third virtual zoom sesshin, and again, it was wide and deep.  To the left is a screen shot of many of our attendees.  Our tanto (head seat) Rev. Paul Galvin named it the "Nothing Lacking" Sesshin, based on the text we used by the Chinese teacher Linji Yixuan called "Nothing to Do."

Here is that text, translated by Burton Watson:

There is no Buddha, no Dharma, no practice, no realization.
What is it you seek in others? What is it you lack? It’s as though you
want to put another head on top of the one you already have. At this
very moment your own wonderful function is no different from the
wonderful function of the masters and the Buddhas. It’s only because
you lack confidence that you seek something outside of you.
Make no mistake: there’s no Dharma outside you to run after;
there’s no Dharma within to attain. Rather than seeking, it would be
better to hear these words, rest, and practice having nothing to do.
If something has arisen, don’t try to make it continue.
If something has not arisen, don’t try to make it arise.
This action is more valuable than ten years’ pilgrimage.
There is nothing you need to do. You just need to live as ordinary people.
Wear your robe, eat your food.
• As day follows day, • be a person who has nothing to do. 

Talks from the sesshin can be found here:  Sesshin talks.  Our next Zoom sesshin will celebrate Rohatsu, the day that the Buddha woke up from his dream and understood the reality of life.  It will be held Dec. 3 -- 6, and information can be found here:  Boundless Way Temple.  All are welcome -- see you there!