Friday, January 27, 2023

Sweeping the Path Sesshin

Some of the attendees at the January Sesshin

Our first sesshin of 2023 was completely online thanks to the magic of Zoom, and we will continue to have sesshin this year almost monthly: some on Zoom, some hybrid (on Zoom and at the Temple) and some at the Temple only. Our sesshin schedule is here: 2023 sesshin dates and information

David Rōshi was still recovering from his pre-Christmas car accident, but I was ready to teach after the trauma of his accident and my brother's unexpected death began to fade a bit for me and was ably partnered in teaching with Dharma Holder Alan Richardson, assisted by Dharma Holder Michael Herzog. David came in and out, and had the energy to give a brief encouragement talk on the last night.

Our theme for this sesshin was Case 21 from The Book of Serenity collection: Yunyan Sweeps the Grounds, focusing on what it means to be busy. It was a rich and deep time for all. Our next sesshin is a hybrid one, from February 10 -- 13, and will hopefully be taught by David and me, with assistance from Dharma Holder Michael. There are still a couple of in person places left, and an infinite number of online places. If you're not too busy with your own sweeping, you might consider signing up!

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