Saturday, February 6, 2021

Zoom Jukai


Back in December, Boundless Way Temple held its first Zoom jukai ceremony.  In Japanese, the word "jukai" means "taking the precepts."  In Boundless Way Zen, people deepen their commitment to the Zen path by asking for permission to take the precepts from a GuidingTeacher, and then study them either with a teacher or in a precepts class, sew a rakusu (the bib-like garment that is a miniature version of the Buddha's robe), and then participate in a jukai ceremony.  Because of Covid restrictions, the physical Temple has been closed, but we have a thriving community online.  Six students were prepared to participate, and they are pictured in the photo above, along with the four Guiding Teachers of Boundless Way Zen.  The ceremony was as meaningful and touching as it is in person.  For more information about taking the precepts in Boundless Way, you can go to this link:

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