Saturday, January 30, 2016

On Eagles Wings

My husband's father, George Rynick, died this morning.  He had a complex and varied life, but he never lost his faith in a love that held him no matter what he did or what was done to him.  What I might call the Dharma, the lawful love that fills the universe, he saw as embodied in a personal and ever compassionate God.  He requested that his favorite song, "On Eagle's Wings" be sung at his funeral.  Here is a version by Josh Groban:

May you be carried on eagle's wings, George, and find your rest at last.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, David and Melissa. David looks so much like him. May he be carried on eagle's wings and may he rest in the Mystery.
    Cindy Taberner

  2. David, I can see your father in you. Our thoughts are with you.

  3. My heart is saddened for you at the breadth and depth and complexity of such a loss. May George, indeed, be carried into peace on eagle's wings, and may you, David, Melissa and Rachel, be held in arms of compassion and love.
    (Footnote: We sing this every year at our annual Service of Remembrance for our Hospice families grieving their loss. Same haunting melody, but, interestingly, the words we sing are different, less specifically Christian. But this version, for George, is so right.)