Thursday, December 6, 2018

Robert Waldinger receives Denbo transmission

On the night of November 30, 2018, in the presence of teachers, family and friends, I gave full Dharma transmission (denbo) to Rev. Robert Ryūdō Tetsumu Waldinger.  Bob Sensei is the Guiding Teacher of the Henry David Thoreau Sangha in Newton, MA.  He is a psychiatrist who directs a psychotherapy teaching program at Massachusetts General Hospital. He also directs the 80-year-long Harvard Study of Adult Development, the longest study of adult life ever done. He lives in Newton with his wife Jennifer and is the father of two adult sons.

Bob Sensei will continue his teaching at Hank, at the Boundless Way Temple in Worcester, MA, and wherever his feet will lead him.  I am so happy to recognize Bob's profound gifts of compassion, wisdom and presence.  May all beings benefit from his teachings!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Taking the Precepts (Jukai) on Saturday

photo by Adam Monty

On Saturday, Dec. 1, David Dae An Rynick, Rōshi and I gave the Zen Bodhisattva precepts to (left to right in the photo): Todd Grant Setsushō (Intimate Understanding) Yonkman,  Mesha Yūdō (Courageous Path) Wolfspirit, Eric Sevan Jōsen (Generous River) Howard and Oldden Jikai (Healing Ocean) Fox, joined by members of the sangha, friends and family.  It was a joyous occasion...congratulations to all!